Carmelo Anthony has lead the charge when it comes to athletes calling for social change and one of his upcoming sneakers will reportedly be used as a catalyst to keep the conversation going and promote social justice. 

Earlier this week at Foot Locker's the fifth annual "Week Of Greatness" event, Melo confirmed that he and Jordan Brand are working on a shoe with a deeper meaning.

"The time is right to be a leader in my community," Melo said. "We're going to try to incorporate social justice [into our sneakers] with everything that's going on right now." 

"We're using the sneaker world [to] make it all come together. It's going to make sense. It's not just about telling you to go out and buy a sneaker. It's going to have meaning behind it," he said. "We want to create an aura with the people in this culture and in our society."

"It's a conversation starter that starts with the actual shoe," Melo said. "It starts with the colors and what flavors you have, and then it's going to lead to a deeper, broader message that can continue that conversation."

Those are the only details that Melo gave about this upcoming new sneaker, but we're intrigued to see what he and the Jumpman come out for the start of 2017.