Carmelo Anthony made his return to Madison Square Garden as a spectator on Sunday night to watch his good friend Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat do battle against the New York Knicks.

Melo, who was in attendance with his son, was shown on the big screen during a break in the action and he received a raucous standing ovation, as seen in the video clip embedded below.

"I've had some great years in this building. I look forward to coming back and playing in this building some more," Anthony said in an in-game interview with MSG Network during the Knicks' 106-97 loss to the Heat (H/T ESPN). 

"The energy has always been good [in the arena]. The fans have always been good," Anthony continued. "The fans have always been good to me too. This is home, New York is home. Family is here, friends [are] here. So you can't beat this energy."

Anthony, who played for the Knicks from 2011-2017, was recently traded by the Houston Rockets to the Chicago Bulls, and is now just patiently waiting to be released so he can sign with a team of his choosing in free agency. 

"If it was one moment that I could come out and be here in this seat, it's to come see him finish it out here in the Garden," Anthony said of Wade's penultimate game at MSG. "Knowing what he's put into this game, knowing what he'll continue to do, it's deeper than basketball when it comes to us."

D-Wade finished with 15 points, 10 assists and five rebounds in Miami's win. The Heat will return to the Garden one last time this season on March 30.