Carmelo Anthony's career seemed to be over just a couple of years ago. There weren't many teams out there willing to give him a chance, and it seemed like he was being blackballed. However, players like Damian Lillard continued to vouch for him and eventually, Melo found a home with the Portland Trail Blazers. Since signing with the team in 2019, Melo has been a valued member of the franchise and he has been a big help when it comes to their playoff efforts.

On Saturday, Melo helped lift the Blazers over the Nuggets in Game of their first-round series, thanks to a 12-point performance. This was a big day for Melo because it just so happened to be his 37th birthday. Earlier in the day, LeBron James came through with a nostalgic birthday post dedicated to Melo, and when it comes to Blazers fans, they pull off something just as special. In the clip below, you can hear every Blazers fan in the arena singing Happy Birthday as he minds his business on the court.

Blazers fans had a lot to cheer about yesterday as their team tied the series against the Nuggets at two games apiece. Now, the series has become a best-of-three, and the Blazers have a good chance of pulling off the upset.

If Melo continues to be a solid contributor, there is no reason why the Blazers can't win.

Carmelo Anthony

Steph Chambers/Getty Images