Carmelo Anthony is finally back in the NBA, as the 10-time All-Star reached a deal with the Portland Trail Blazers that he views as a "perfect opportunity." On Monday, Melo posted a brief video on his personal YouTube page, detailing how the deal came to be and why he thinks he'll be able to contribute for the 5-9 Blazers.

"I always kept my eye on Portland. It just didn't work out at other times, but now it seems like it's a perfect opportunity," Anthony said.

Says Anthony, "Me and Dame [Lillard], we've been talking for the past couple years off and on. ... I just look at that opportunity, that team and say, 'Look, this is what I can bring to the team, this is where I can help them.' It will only work if all parties see it the same way."

The 35-year old forward appeared in just ten games last season before being cut by the Houston Rockets, and he has not appeared in an NBA game since November 8, 2018. He averaged 13.4 points and 5.4 rebounds in those ten games with Houston.

"This happened at a point in my life where I do have a lot of clarity and understanding of different situations and just life," Anthony says. "My approach is totally different."

The Blazers will visit the New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday night, followed by a nationally televised (TNT) road game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday night. Portland has not yet announced when Melo will make his season debut, but it is believed that he'll be on the court tonight in NOLA.