Carmelo Anthony has been one of the biggest stories of the NBA offseason even though he hasn't played any basketball in close to a year. Anthony was recently on First Take where he talked about his frustrations when it comes to not having a contract to play in the NBA next season. Melo desperately wants to be back in the league so he can prove to people that he is still the real deal and can play high-level ball with the rest of them. Yesterday, we reported on how Melo was working out with Brooklyn Nets players in Los Angeles and even did a couple of scrimmages.

Despite this news, it appears as though he won't be signing with the Nets, according to Brian Lewis of The New York Post. In his article, Lewis talks about how Melo was just there to play amongst friends and that it doesn't mean anything moving forward.

Harry How/Getty Images

Per Lewis:

"But sources tell The Post that’s all it is, pick-up games with friends, and not a sign that Anthony is Brooklyn-bound.

"Nothing to it,' a source close to Anthony told The Post. “There’s several guys (playing) that aren’t Nets, but friends and other NBA players.""

With this in mind, it's clear that Anthony will have to continue to search for his new team. With Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, Melo would have made the Nets even more dynamic, although that appears to be a pipe dream at this point.