Carmelo Anthony has been having some trouble getting back into the NBA this summer and has been very vocal about his issues doing so. Ever since being released by the Houston Rockets, it doesn't seem like any team is willing to take Melo and give him another chance in the league. It's sad to see a player like Anthony be forced out of the league in such a way, although fans are still holding out hope that he could get a contract before it's time for him to retire for good.

Despite his lack of an NBA team, Melo has been keeping busy and has played some pick-up basketball to stay in shape. Recently though, Melo hit up his trainer Chris Brickley for a bit of a practice session. To keep things interesting, Carmelo brought his son Kiyan along with him and took the opportunity to teach him some NBA caliber moves.

As you can see from the video, Kiyan already has some pretty cool tricks up his sleeve and is making shots just as efficiently as his dad used to. It's great to see Melo in good spirits and will prove to be an effective teacher for his son who will surely be looking to follow in his dad's footsteps as he progresses through youth basketball.

If Melo isn't back in the league soon, at least we can hold out hope for Kiyan moving forward.