Carmelo Anthony, along with Somerset Hospitality Group, has reportedly made a $5 million investment in Bronx-based pizza joint, Nobody's Pizza, as well as upscale sports bar The Ainsworth. The two establishments are set to combine for a chain of sports bar, pizza restaurants across the U.S.

According to the New York Post, the plan is to roll out The Ainsworth alongside Nobody's Pizza at between 20 and 30 locations near sports stadiums across the country over the next seven years. 

“I am excited about the prospects of partnering with The Ainsworth and Nobody’s Pizza — combining food, entertainment, sports and real estate,” Anthony said in a statement to Side Dish.

“We plan to … use our investor base of professional athletes and influencers to promote operations and growth,” Keith Rubenstein, of the Somerset Hospitality Group said. “Side-by-side openings are just being planned and it is too soon to know where.”

Rubenstein, the real estate mogul behind Somerset Partners, says it’s likely that the first partnership between Nobody's Pizza and The Ainsworth will be in Nashville, where The Ainsworth is already planning to open.

Nobody’s Pizza currently has just one location in Mott Haven, located at 136 Alexander Ave. near East 134th Street. According to NY Eater, "it serves thinner-crusted pies, ranging from a classic tomato-basil-mozz one to a vodka sauce pie with jerk chicken. Calzones, pasta, salads, and entrees like a burger and grilled salmon are also on the menu."

The Ainsworth, a 10-year-old chain of pubs, has four locations throughout New York City, as well as locations in New Jersey and Kansas City.