After months of waiting for another opportunity in the NBA, Carmelo Anthony is finally back in the league and fans are excited to see what he can do. In his first few games with the Portland Trail Blazers, Melo has been quite impressive and has put up more solid performances than bad ones. He seems to be a perfect fit for this struggling Blazers squad and his teammates seem to be loving his presence.

With a renewed love for the game, Melo seems to be striving both on and off of the court. When it comes to Instagram, Melo has been dishing out gems and with his most recent IG video, he got into his poetic bag.  

The journey hasn't always been easy for Melo but with hard work, he was able to get himself back to where he wants to be. With this latest video, Melo provides his fans with 7 simple words to live by "Expectation. Perception. Balance. Knowledge. Wisdom. Authenticity. Patience." What makes the video so interesting is how Melo's voice is heard saying these words while dramatic clips of him practicing are added on top. If you need your daily dose of inspiration, you'll probably want to watch this.

Hopefully, Melo's latest stint isn't a flash in the pan and he can extend his career by a couple of years.