Carmelo Anthony remains unsigned as the 2019 NBA season is now less than two months away, and LeBron James' Los Angeles Lakers have an open roster spot available. Needless to say, the calls for the Lakers to sign Melo are growing louder by the day.

Former NBA player Royce White recently criticized LeBron for allowing the Lakers to sign Jared Dudley rather than his "banana boat buddy" Carmelo, which sparked a heated debate on twitter.

In regards to White's recent comments, ESPN's Stephen A Smith says LeBron doesn't owe Melo anything, although "it would be nice" if he convinced the Lakers to give the veteran forward an opportunity. Smith certainly thinks the 10-time All Star is deserving of a chance with LA, at the very least.

“Why not give him a shot, LeBron? Los Angeles Lakers? And by the way, Royce White, you saw how he wasn’t hesitant to call out LeBron, his Banana Boat buddy. Let me be very clear with what I’m saying. LeBron doesn’t owe Carmelo this. He doesn’t owe Carmelo, fighting for Carmelo to be a Laker. But it would be nice if he did.”

Anthony, 35, has not played in the league since November 8 of 2018 following a brief, 10 game stint with the Houston Rockets.