Earlier today, ESPN's Nick DePaula reported that Jordan Brand won't be continuing Carmelo Anthony's signature line after a run of 13 Jordan sneakers, including the Melo M13 which Carmelo has worn throughout the preseason.

According to the report, rather than creating his 14th signature sneaker with Jordan Brand, Carmelo will instead be rocking various Air Jordans in the upcoming season such as the Air Jordan 32, special player exclusives of retro models, and "possibly even a remixed version of his very first signature model."

However, Carmelo Anthony has shut down the rumors that his signature "Melo" line is dead.

Check out Melo's response to the report below.


Additionally, Jordan Brand released the following statement regarding their partnership with Melo, stating "no decision have been finalized about future models."

Via Slam,

“Melo is a long-time and respected member of the Jordan family. As is the case with all Jordan family athletes, we work together with Melo on a footwear plan each year, and no decisions have been finalized about future models. Any decision made will be a collaborative one between Melo and Jordan Brand.”

As noted in Jordan Brand's official statement, Carmelo is a long-time member of the Jordan family, dating back to the early 2000s before he was in the league.

In fact, Melo has been wearing Air Jordans ever since his high school playing days for Jordan Brand-sponsored Oak Hill Academy. He continued his relationship with the Jumpman during his only, and national championship-winning, season with Syracuse in 2003, before eventually signing with Jordan Brand prior to his rookie season.

During his rookie season with the Denver Nuggets, Carmelo laced up a plethora of retro and modern Air Jordan PEs, including the Air Jordan 2, Air Jordan 12 and Air Jordan 13. With his signature line in question, it's possible that we'll see Melo take the court in some of those familiar Air Jordans - this time decked out in OKC flavors.