The Air Jordan 34 is one of the best looking Air Jordans in recent memory (my personal opinion), and the brand has done an excellent job of rolling out exclusive colorways for their star athletes. This includes Zion Williamson's "Bayou Boys" and "South Carolina" PEs, as well as Jayson Tatum's "Lemonade" and "Taco Tuesday" exclusives.

Adding to the ever-growing list of Air Jordan 34 PEs is this Blazers-inspired colorway that Carmelo Anthony recently laced up in Portland.

Carmelo Anthony Blazers Air jordan 34

Cameron Browne/NBAE via Getty Images

As you'd expect from any Blazers-themed sneaker, the kicks stick with the always popular black, white and red design. But what gives this sneaker even more Blazers vibes is the diagonal stripe detailing on the heel, referencing the design of Portland's uniform. It's certainly not the most intricate player exclusive we've seen, but sometimes simple works best and these definitely hit the mark. 

Catch another look at Melo's Blazers-themed Air Jordan 34s below, and click here to check out Jayson Tatum's taco-inspired colorway.