Argentine striker Carlos Tevez signed a new $41 million a year contract with Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua, making him the highest paid soccer player in the world.

The Chinese Super League club paid an $11 million transfer fee to his former club, Boca Juniors, as part of the new two-year deal. The breakdown of this monumental deal is as follows: a gross of $808,000 a week, which works out to $115,000 a day. Or $4,800 an hour. Or $80 a minute.

The $808,000 per week is well over the measly $430,000 a week that Cristiano Ronaldo currently gets.

Of course, Tevez's Argentinian teammate Lionel Messi will likely become the world's highest paid player when he's due for a new contract in the Summer of 2018, but for the time being no player is raking in the type of money that Carlos Tevez is in China.

Tevez will join team in Okinawa for pre-season training in Jan. The first match will be ACL qualification match on Feb 8.

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