Producer Cardo has not been a member of the Def Jam Records roster for too long but from the looks of things, they may not be investing their all into helping him reach his full potential. Back in December, we reported that Cardo and Payroll Giovanni had signed to Def Jam Records, an exciting new opportunity for the two to reach an even wider audience. While their hopes were especially high after signing, it seems that Cardo is not happy at all about how he's been treated at the label, tweeting his advice to anybody considering a deal with Def Jam.

Producer of one of the year's biggest hits, Drake's "God's Plan," alongside YEX and co-producer Boi-1da, Cardo Got Wingz tweeted and deleted his thoughts about his current label situation. With many speaking out against their labels, Cardo is the latest to trash the executives in charge of his career. While not many caught his upload before it was deleted, Cardo simply wrote, "Don't sign to Def Jam Records." Whether the producer was in the heat of the moment or if they've been mistreating him since he signed is unclear but regardless, Cardo may be regretting his decision from late last year.

Initially ecstatic about the opportunity, Cardo has changed his stance, steering would-be artists away from Def Jam and giving his two cents on the recent label drama across the industry. With OG Maco and Skippa Da Flippa recently speaking out against their labels, Cardo is just another piece of the puzzle. These days, it's looking really enticing for young artists to just stay independent.