Drake's Scary Hours EP was a pleasant surprise as it delivered two perfect tracks to get fans ready for his follow-up project that's set to come out soon. Although "Diplomatic Immunity" is a classic Drizzy sound, "God's Plan" is the track that didn't need a second or third listen to ensure it was fire.

Acclaimed St. Paul-born producer, Cardo, who received co-production credits on the song that has since broken Spotify's single day streaming, chopped it up with Fader on how Drake approved of his beat and alerted him a week before its release. Cardo is currently enjoying major success considering he received a Grammy nod for his work on MigosCulture single, “Deadz,” and his co-production on Kendrick Lamar’s “GOD.”

The producer tells the publication that he was shocked when he found out "God's Plan" soared to the top of the streaming charts. "That was a shocker right there because I had sent Drake some beats, he needed beats earlier back in September 2017," he explained. "I sent him a gang of beats, and probably a week later he hits me up at like five in the morning. He texted me, he was like, 'We got one.'"

He notes how Drake's OVO affiliate Boi-1da added his touch to the beat and just like that the single was ready to go. "Drake hit me up like just a week and a half ago, and was like, 'Yeah we're gonna drop the record next week,'" he added. "I'm pretty sure it's gonna be on the Hot 100 for Billboard. I just found out I'm on the Migos album yesterday. It comes out the same day as Big Bossin' Vol. 2, but hey man, it's gonna shine the light on us too."