The internet caught fire last night when Kendrick Lamar dropped his untitled unmastered album last night with no warning. It was definitely not the surprise TDE project we expected, and the album is incredible. However, there might be even more on the way.

Just before the record dropped Cardo (AKA Cardo Got Wings), who contributed to production on the album, tweeted out a few things suggesting there may be more. He said "there's soooooooo much more in store" and "not just 1 ... but 2." He doesn't ever specify who he is talking about, but the context suggests the artist in question is Kendrick. Less than an hour later, Just Blaze tweeted there is "another secret album" that would release today. He also suggested it isn't a secret anymore, so someone out there has the answers. We wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being Kendrick.

Cardo was also simultaneously entertained and frustrated by the stories that Swizz Beats' son produced track 07 on untitled unmastered, which he had a hand in producing. I guess we would be too if someone compared your work to that of a 5 year old.