Cardi B is at the top of the hip-hop world thanks to her single "Bodak Yellow" and, with this privileged position, she has chosen to fire back at one of her most vocal detractors: Azealia Banks. Turns out that Cardi is bringing more than just her disses to the table - her sister is now entered the fray as well.

It began without her siblings involvement, when Cardi B shared a video of Banks jamming to "Bodak" in a nightclub, with a caption that read "One of the reasons Bodak Yellow went #1! Cuz even the HATERS love it!." Besides being a perfectly-pitched bit of shade tossed in Banks' direction, it further upped the mystique behind the former reality star's hit rap record. As you might expect, Azealia didn't take too kindly to this, responding with several texts slides in her Instagram story that captured her simmering anger. "Great songwriting," read one. "Might get the n**** to write for me too!" She then took the argument even further, stating that Cardi is a "poor man's Nicki Minaj" before oddly ending the rant with a short "congrats" for the "Bodak" star. You can view screenshots from Azealia's story below.

This is when her sister, Hennessy Carolina, decided to let her voice be heard as well. In a since-deleted post, she said, "BITCH you saying all that about my sister but got a INTERVIEW YOU DID speaking HIGHLY of [her]," began Carolina, who is a social media personality with over 1 million followers on Instagram alone. "Even though this girl is literally a NUT head and shouldn't give this bitch no attention and though a bitch like me from the hood would typically knock a bitch out ... there's certain people that has mental problems." Ultimately, Cardi's sis took some pity on Banks, but managed to get one more shot in at the end. "You got the devil inside you girl Ima pray for you, jealousy is realyl bad and won't take you nowhere."