The rumor mill has been buzzing since a report leaked that Cardi's team cautioned Venue staffers during Super Bowl Sunday to "handle her with care". Contrary to Kylie Jenner who essentially played hide and seek after her pregnancy test, Cardi who has neither confirmed or denied the widely speculated "seed-drop", is not hiding her bump from anyone as photos might suggest. In fact, 3 to 4 months is a lengthy bid for anybody wearing stress-fit and flare. If Cardi isn't Preggo, and I hope for the best, expect the worst in most situations, I will feel a little sick that she had endure this amount of body shaming.

Photos of her stomach sticking out of a track top added fuel to the fire.

Cardi's only passing words on the issue came from a social media post earlier in the month where she diffused the issue with humor.

“No b—h I’m just getting fat. Let me fat in peace.”

While there's no doubt she is eating good and sitting pretty, we are hard pressed to let this one die down.