Hip-hop artists have worked for a long time to be accepted in the fashion world. Kanye West was at the forefront of the operation, attempting for years to get his clothing brand to the top of the industry. It may have taken him years but Yeezy is a respected label now and rappers are often seen attending high-profile events in Paris and Milan. What was once a snooty industry is becoming more inclusive. Some thought that when Cardi B threw a shoe at Nicki Minaj during a New York Fashion Week event that members of the hip-hop community would lose their invites to similar happenings but in fact, Cardi B has seen an increase in demand.

Perhaps Fashion Week organizers want Bardi to throw more shoes to get them extra press? Regardless, Mrs. B has been experiencing equal or added traction for her Fashion Week appearances in Milan and Paris. The star has reportedly had none of her appearances cancelled during Milan Fashion Week, sitting front-row during this weekend's Dolce & Gabbana show.

TMZ is reporting that Cardi is on her way to Paris now with plans to attend three major shows. Over the weekend, she and Nicki were both in Milan and there were no issues between the two. Some expected a repeat of what happened in New York but both were on their best behaviors.