Cardi B will have to face Latasha K, the blogger who accused the rapper of causing her to receive death threats and defamation, in court over Latasha's $1M countersuit against the rapper. According to The Blast, a judge has sided with Latasha K after Cardi B filed a motion to dismiss the case in court. The two had a hearing but Cardi B's attempt to have the case dropped was ultimately denied. 

Latasha's $1M countersuit came after Cardi initially sued her and Starmine Ebony Jones for calling her a prostitute, claiming she had herpes, talking about her child, among other things. Cardi sued them for defamation and ordered to have the videos removed offline. However, Cardi also took to social media where she tore them a new a*shole, essentially discrediting Latasha as "a blogger lady" and claiming she had false sources. Ultimately, Latasha said that Cardi defamed her and was subject to gang-related threats. She also said that she needed to move residences and said that she's lost money due to a decline in subscribers and advertisements. Latasha claims that she's suffered emotional and financial distress.

In her motion, Cardi denied defaming Latasha by arguing that labeling her a "hoe" or a "dumb bitch" is nothing more than name-calling. She's continued to deny all wrongdoing. We'll keep you posted on the case.