Cardi B isn't the only one facing legal issues surrounding the alleged attack on two bartenders at Angel's in Queens. Complex reports that Cardi's close friend Star Brim, who recently came home from a prison stint, has been charged along with 10 other alleged members of the 59 Brim. Charges against the alleged gang members surround allegations of violent and illegal activities from Jan. 2012 to Dec. 2019.

p>The feds have claimed that Star Brim was the one who actually orchestrated the attack on the two bartenders at the strip club "because members of the enterprise believed the bartenders had disrespected another member of the gang." The feds said that Brim was behind bars at the time but still ordered people to "put hands on them." 

The DOJ memo states:

Surveillance footage inside the venue captured images of the premeditated assault on the bartender. Defendants [Jeffrey] Bush and [Rodolfo] Zambrano stood at the corner of the bar next to several women. A woman standing next to defendant Bush ordered a drink from the intended target, and then lured her closer, gesturing for her to lean towards them. As defendant Bush stood by with a cellular telephone’s camera trained on the intended victim, the women next to defendant Bush grabbed the bartender’s hair, and, along with two other women, repeatedly beat her head while pulling her over the bar. Ultimately, the assailants threw a bottle at the bartender. Throughout, defendant Bush stood next to the women with his cellular telephone’s camera filming the entire assault.

The prosecutors on the case accused Bush of sending the footage to Star Brim who later ordered them to assault the sisters at Angel's.

This is the same incident in August 2018 that resulted in Cardi being charged with two misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment and one misdemeanor count of assault in connection to the attack.