Cardi B has a knack for offering some of the most memorable soundbites. Her latest was conjured during an interaction she had with the equally vocal Tomi Lahren. When the conservative reporter mocked the rapper for speaking on political issues, Cardi snapped in response: "Leave me alone I will dog walk you."

A brave Lahren posted up and wrote, "Come dog walk me. I dare you." Social media users were glad to oblige. Some of them wielded photoshop and creativity to illustrate how that might go down. The usual reaction memes were also included in the party along with some cosplaying. Peep some of the reactions below.

Rich Polk/Getty Images for Politicon

Tomi has since called out the apparent hypocrisy displayed by her left-leaning critics. "Libs applaud @Gillette for taking on violence, sexual misconduct & bullying. They then applaud @StormyDaniels for saying she wants “fist me,” @iamcardib for threatening to dog walk me, and now enjoy depictions of me being walked like a dog. You’re hypocrites and you’re sick."

Cardi B has also expressed similar sentiments prompted by recent interactions with political figures.