Offset has faced his fair share of criticism for showing up to Cardi B's Rolling Loud performance in attempts to win back her affection. The public apology was not received very well by some parts of his following, and although Cardi B may have defended his actions after the fact, her body language onstage seemed to indicate her discontentment. Fans who wondered how the Migos member was even allowed to appear in such a manner have placed the blame on the Bodak Yellow artist's publicist, Patientce.

Video clips have been circulating, showing the publicist willingly leading Offset onstage for his romantic gesture. Since seeing these videos, many have expressed frustration and disappointment. Despite all of this negativity, Cardi B and her publicist are still tight. The rapper took to Instagram to address the issue.

"Fan or not you talk about my publicist/friend you can eat a d*ck PERIOD."

Patientce has also posted some IG stories concerning the issue, highlighting her "good intentions."

"Wether [sic] or not your good intentions translate to a non-involved party to a non-involved party shouldn't matter! The good we try to do and the efforts we make to right our wrongs is only intended for the people we wish to be on the receiving end. Not for the recognition or affirmation of a delusioned third party."