2018 has kicked off with another set of women's marches that took place in multiple cities across the United States. For the second year in a row, participants from all walks of life took to the streets to protest injustices against women and, for the first time, Cardi B lyrics were used as a rallying cry.

The rapper, who has been breaking Billboard chart records like nobody's business, shared some of her favorite pics that feature "Bodak Yellow" lyrics on protester-made signs that were created specifically for the event. "OOOOO YEEEEAAAA LADIES !!!!!!!!" she said. "You want to know what gets disrespected the most ?WOMAN !!!" You can check out her Instagram slideshow post below.

Last year, you may remember that Khia's lyrics to the hit song "My Neck, My Back," were used in a similar context of female empowerment during the women's marches that took place all over America. Donald Trump, whose likeness was featured prominently on several signs with the Bardi lyrics, has not commented on the signs, not has he acknowledged the sharing of said images by the rapper herself. Only time will tell if the President will address the women's marches in a general fashion.

In other Cardi B news, she was in full clap back mode with more fans who believe that her fiancee, fellow rapper Offset, isn't worthy of her affections. As the old saying goes, the heart just wants what it wants sometimes, and you can't fault Cardi for sticking by her man, no matter what the haters are saying.