Cardi B smashed 2017 with one record. The release of "Bodak Yellow" helped propel her to superstar status and had everyone and their mothers rapping along the lyrics to it. However, the song really got its jump start when she dropped the video for it. Set in Dubai, Cardi found herself riding camels and chillin' with cheetahs while flexing her "bloody shoes." It was an introduction to Cardi B's appeal as an artist. The video's director, Picture Perfect, dropped a BTS of the video shoot and apparently, Cardi got attacked by the cheetah.

Picture Perfect revealed to Genius that the idea to shoot in Dubai happened because Cardi was already heading there and upon his arrival, he decided to use the culture as inspiration for it. However, Cardi was apparently shook by working with some of the animals on set.

"I didn’t know how hard it was gonna be to get a cheetah out there." He said, "We shot this other scene we didn't use and he attacked Cardi in that scene." 

In the footage shown, you could hear Cardi rap her verse before the cheetah turns around and opens its mouth. Cardi says, "No, no, no. Come hold him." However, they went on to get another cheetah for the scene that was more friendly.

He also revealed that Cardi wasn't really feeling the whole shot with the camel as well.

"I think I put her on the camel the first time and she just got scared up there. She's like 'let's just stop shooting this shit like can you guys move it?'" he said, "She's a trooper man."

Cardi's roughing out the shoot definitely worked in her favor. The video's now sitting at over 455M views on YouTube and counting. 

Peep the whole BTS footage with Picture Perfect below.