Cardi B's year has been full of ups and downs, and while the former are far more notable, her personal life has been fraught with scandal of late. Earlier this week, a hacker hit both her and fiancee Offset with a cyber-attack, leaking snippets of a Cardi sex tape and footage of an alleged Offset affair. While the couple have since claimed to be on solid ground, their union was once again put to the test after Offset was accused of fathering an illegitimate lovechild with a notorious groupie. To be honest, this whole thing sounds pulled straight out of a soap opera, or worse, a reality show. 

With regards to the pregnancy scandal, both Offset and Cardi's camps denied any involvement with the potential mother-in-question, with the former claiming sheer ignorance of her existence. However, Cardi seems fed up with the noise, and during a concert last night (which also featured Migos on the bill), she proceeded to lay down the law. "I let a n***a know though. You do that shit again, you gon’ lose your wife," says Cardi, followed by applause from the audience. 

Check out the brief clip below, which finds Cardi dropping the ultimatum for the world to hear. Whether or not Offset takes it seriously is still up in the air, but it's good to see Cardi standing up for herself. Despite the recent scandals, she continues to enjoy the success of "Bartier Cardi," which seems to be picking up where "Bodak Yellow" left off. Now that she's dodged the sophomore slump, it should be exciting to see how she continues riding her momentum into 2018.