Cardi B's legal issues are still lingering from her breakout year. The rapper was charged for her alleged involvement in a brawl at a strip club. Cardi was hit with two felony attempted assault charges as well as misdemeanor charges for her role in two strippers getting beat up. Prosecutors on the case offered her a plea deal which is still on the table but apparently, not for much longer.

According to Page Six, Assistant District Attorney Ryan Nicolosi said that his offer for a plea deal will only be on the table for a limited amount of time. "The People are offering for the last time an offer of a misdemeanor. … We are not going to go lower than a misdemeanor," he said.  “We are again offering this misdemeanor but we cannot guarantee that that offer will be held open or offered again in the future.”

There have been many discussions surrounding plea deals since last year but Cardi B's already rejected the offer. Still, Nicolosi doesn't sound hopeful that they'll be able to agree on a deal.

“We all had many conversations regarding the possibility of a plea, what a plea could look like, if any of the defendants were willing to take a plea,” he said. “But it seems like there is not going to be a plea. There doesn’t seem to be a meeting of the minds."