In May of 2018, Cardi B found herself on the receiving end of a lawsuit after "autograph hound" Giovanni Arnold alleged that the rapper sicced her bodyguards on him, an assault that ultimately led to multiple injuries. Video footage of the incident appeared to showcase Arnold taking a disrespectful tone toward Cardi and Offset, with reports having surfaced suggesting a history of harassing celebrities.

When one is as famous as Cardi B, it doesn't take long before opportunistic people begin looking to take advantage. At least, that appears to be the stance she's taking, as TMZ reports that Cardi is adamantly requesting that the courts dismiss Arnold's lawsuit. The publication has secured court documents, revealing that Cardi doubled down on the notion that Arnold was deliberately provocative after the rapper and Offset snubbed his autograph request.

Cardi B

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Cardi points to a moment in an unidentified video where Arnold shouts "Please beat me up, I'll take all of your money," maintaining that the attackers did not act on her request. In fact, she argues that Arnold's attackers didn't work for her to begin with. From the sound of it, Cardi appears to be taking the stance that Arnold is deliberately implicating her in the lawsuit in an attempt to win big in court, when in reality, she had nothing to do with the attack --thus, the lawsuit should be tossed altogether. 

It's uncertain as to whether or not the judge will take a sympathetic stance toward Cardi B and Offset, who has also been named as a separate defendant in the lawsuit. In August of 2019, the Migos rapper also denied his involvement, with many of his positions echoing those of Cardi's. We will keep you posted with further developments on this lawsuit as it unfolds.