Cardi B has cemented her place among the Sartorial elite, due to her ability to shapeshift from one style to the next. But her latest style-grab is one even the keenest observer would have been unable to predict. TMZ is here to let the Bardi Gang in on a little insider trading: the pierced lip is back in vogue.

While in Los Angeles, Cardi B visited City of Angels Tattoos and came away with a $25 lip piercing, its owner Luis Vega tells TMZ. And though Cardi B's Instagram is up and running again, Vega's Polaroid camera is the only evidence of a body mutilation ever occurring.

Thankfully, Luis Vega who reportedly didn't recognize Cardi B, at first sight, forwarded those images to TMZ after coming to the realization he'd met someone with 40 million Instagram followers and a Grammy award to her name. According to Vega, the lights "started going off" in his head, the moment Cardi B described herself as a native New Yorker, leading him to poke his nose out the window, where a convoy of a luxury SUVs laid withing sight. And yet, Vega refused to inflate his prices in spite of Cardi B's ostensible wealth, with TMZ confirming a total sum of $25 for the lip ring, services included.