Just days after sharing the cover art & release date to her forthcoming debut album Invasion Of Privacy, Cardi B decided to give fans on her Instagram a little taste of what's to come, and she got us petty good in the process.

"I just wanted to give a little preview of what you guys are going to get on April 6," she said into her phone which was then posted on IG. "This is one of my songs…" Cardi says before going onto perform an acapella rendition of the song “Cinderella” from The Cheetah Girls movie.

It’s pretty evident that Cardi was just trolling fans as she smiles & laughs throughout most of the performance, while some friends in the background sing along with her. However it would be pretty epic if she was able to manage to get something from the Cheetah Girls on her album, maybe a sample or something, but for the time being it looks to be just Cardi B being her silly self. 

This clip comes on the heels of the news of Cards B signing a management deal with Quality Control. Many people actually believe she’s been with QC for the past few months now and just announced the signing yesterday, but who knows when she signed, she’s QC for now.

Check out the clip of Cardi B being silly (below), and peep her artwork right here if you missed it.