Mariah Carey stopped by Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live while promoting her later studio album, Caution. Although the show presents the perfect platform for the exchange of shady comments, the diva kept it sweet. Everytime another artist was mentioned, Mariah stayed positive. She took this attitude to a new level when Cohen mentioned Cardi B.

 Rich Fury/Getty Images 

When asked whether she would like to collaborate with the "I Like It" rapper, Carey responded with enthusiasm and looped the legendary Lil' Kim into the scenario.

“I would love for that to happen. The song you guys were just playing, ‘A No No,’ which was originally Lil’ Kim’s song — we love Kim — I was hoping that the three of us could do a collaboration.” She then added, “but if nobody puts it together, it’s not going to happen.”

The song she refers to was released in early December. "A No No" includes samples lifted from Lil' Kim's remix of "Crush on You" that dropped in 1997. The track featured the Notorious B.I.G. and Lil Cease. 

Fans can be hopeful for this new collaboration to materialize. Lil Kim's stage manager uploaded a clip that would suggest as much. She also tagged Carey, Cardi, and Lil' Kim in the caption alongside Jermaine Dupri and Atlantic Records.