Cardi B is coming off of a whirlwind twenty-four hour experience, during which her single "Bodak Yellow," already a monster success, was crowned as the No. 1 song in the United States in the most recent chart reveal for Billboard's Hot 100. She's the first unassisted female rapper to have a solo track hit the top of the singles chart since Lauryn Hill did in 1998 with "Doo Wop (That Thing)." After holding a raucous celebration at Atlantic's offices and giving a speech that saw her stake her claim as one of the most outspoken hi-hop personalities out there, Cardi stepped in front of the mic for Billboard in a short video interview to sound off on some current events issues.

First on the docket was Donald Trump's penchant for picking fights with those who aren't directly involved with his policy or potential goals as President, specifically his recent dust-up with the NFL. Cardi gave voice to a state of mind that is surely reflected elsewhere in the country right now when she said, "Why is our president so concerned about what football players is doing when the goddamn world is going in shambles? You got this man from North Korea that's talking about he's declaring war -- which, I don't know, declaring war on who? Don't declare war on us. We don't want that beef." Later on in the interview, she also called out owners in the NFL and other so-called pundits for choosing sides on the Colin Kaepernick issue when what's really important, far moreso in this case, is universal acceptance and growth past these moralistic divides.

"It's just ridiculous. I feel like all these football team owners, they want to release statements now ... and it's like, [former 49ers quarterback] Colin Kaepernick, he still don't got a job. So what's really good? Ya'll wanna be releasing statements like 'We support this and that people.' No, not really, because if ya'll did, Colin would have a job right now. Like what's good? What's really, really good?" said the rapper. She had previously shown Kaepernick support when she made an appearance at this year's MTV VMA's. 

You can check out the full interview clip below.