Now that Cardi B is earning in the 7 digits, Tax season is proving more perilous than ever. Cardi took to Instagram to air out 'Uncle Sam.'

"I want to fucking know WHAT YA DOING WITH MY FUCKING MONEY !!!!!"

Cardi is inevitably feeling the sting that comes with entering a new tax bracket. Let's break it down: 40% on several million, that equates to a municipality's spending over a fiscal year, or a relief fund sent to a small nation under siege by pirates, you get the picture.

Cardi wants to her tax dollars go towards fixing New York, which she claims "was voted the dirtiest city in America." Cardi also believes system should incorporate a model in which tax payers receive monthly updates on their GST. She uses the 'Amnesty - Sponsor a Child' model as a comparison. 

Cardi continues her tirade by listing off a bunch of public services that are dead in the water. She mentions the prison system as a worthy example, commenting on how inmates receive one musty jumpsuit over the course of their bid, and maybe 1 or 2 pairs of underwear. 

Cardi is ready and willing to bless up the nation. We need transparency in government, preach it girl.