Cardi B recently sat down to try some Asian delicacies. According to reports by The Blast, the rapper took a trip to the Asian market and sampled a few treats from the far east. The Invasion of Privacy rapper stacked up on a variety of Japanese and Korean snack foods. The latter included assorted chips and different flavors of ramen such as lobster and kimchi, all of which she showed. Cardi also made sure to grab some Taiyaki which is a Janapese fish-shaped cake full of bean paste. Though she admitted to not wanting to eat too much of it because the pastries make her "sh*t."

Cardi B also added that she always wanted to try out Kimchi, but found it much too spicy when she actually did. And of the other quirky things the rapper picked up from the Asian market, there also was a bag of tiny crabs which she admitted created cuts in her mouth. Moreover, during her food try-out, Cardi shared to have a special place in her heart for Mukbang videos. These kind of videos are very popular with Youtubers and show individuals enjoying a full meal and discussing an array of topics with their viewers. Perhaps, the "Please Me" artist should try it out and start a "Cardi B Mukbang" soon.