Cardi B is back onstage after a hiatus prompted by her pregnancy. The new mother showed fans that her moved are still intact with her performance at the BET Awards, which aired last night. Her oozing sexiness encouraged others to follow suit, filming themselves busting it to her track, "Back It Up."

Tori Brix uploaded a couple of clips to Instagram, though they have since disappeared from her page. Fans still ripped her clip for safe keeping. 

According to the commenters who posted on Tori's original post, fans would welcome the propagation of this challenge with open arms and eager eyes.

The song itself for reason enough for some to post their own twerking performances, such as a notable video of a hot tup violing cover. The music video for the joint track dropped at the end of September, garnering over 15 million views since its release.

Cardi opened up her inspiring performance with "Get Up 10." The song lyrics speak to her journey from stripping for dollar bills all the way to superstardom. The female rapper isn't be getting down for singles anymore. She traded those in for singles that are topping the charts and racking up the type of dough her family hadn't previously fathomed.

Watch Cardi's performance below.