Cardi B has been upfront and honest with fans about the work she's gotten done throughout her career, and now, the mother of two is offering some advice to anyone out there who may be considering getting some of the same procedures she's had. On New Years Eve, the mother of two took to Twitter to reveal that she sees a BBL as an "investment" for new teeth.

"Nope I think BBL before teeth... N*kkas trick on a girl with a body and a gap before they do wit a bitch wit a nice smile," Cardi quote tweeted a post that says, "teeth before BBL." She continued, "Your BBL is your investment for your teeth. PLUS... BBL $6,000 - $15,000... GOOD VENEERS $20,000 - $50,000."

The "Thru Your Phone" rapper received immediate criticism from people. "No BBL and teeth that are functional over flashy," one person replied to Cardi. "Single moms out here saving every extra cent they have to alter their bodies... Risking their lives for a bigger ass. Fuller lips. Tanner skin. The obsession with what we look like is weird. Couldn't care less what a man thinks.

The New York native responded to critics in another post, writing, "the natural body committee are jumping me in the comments even tho the tweet was about BBL OR TEETH, not NATURAL BODIES OR BBLs." Another user continued to throw shade at Cardi, replying, "should be more [about] soul searching and actually being happy with yourself, then these topics wouldn't be [a] trend."

To this, the Grammy-award-winning star simply said, "I found my soul after my ass shots." What do you think about Cardi B's BBL debate? Has the mother of two made some points about body modification, or do you have another suggestion for how things should be done? Let us know in the comments.