Angie Martinez's new WeTV series, Untold Stories of Hip Hop, is going to unearth tons of juicy tales for us. Just through the show's first episode, we have received Snoop Dogg's never-before-heard accounts of East-West rivalries in 90's hip hop, and the origin story of Cardi B and Offset's relationship

Cardi B explained how Offset was doggedly pursuing her before they met. DJ Clue was reaching out to Cardi's people on behalf of Offset in order to arrange a date for the two rappers. Cardi was strongly opposed at first, not due to any personal issue with Offset, but due a blanket rule that she would not be romantically involved with any rappers. She was under the impression that rappers play too many games with their women and she had no interest in wasting her time with that. After declining to give Offset her number or meet with him several times, one night at Catch in NYC, the two ran into each other. Cardi realized her bracelet was missing while she was in the bathroom and when she went to the bar to retrieve it, Offset was wearing it, somehow. Cardi returned to her table without leading Offset on too much, but he approached her again. She finally relinquish her phone number and after a few interactions, she started to fall for him. 

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Now, at this point in the story, the tables turn and Cardi is trying to impress Offset. With his busy schedule and increasing fame, she fears that he will lose interest in her. To secure his devotion, she devises a plan to ensure that their next encounter is special. She was on her period and felt that sex was an essential next step to take for their relationship. She concocts a homemade remedy to skip her period: two ibuprofens and unflavoured gelatin. The plan worked and the rest is history. She confessed this story to Offset months later, which made him confused why she doesn't do that more often. 

Watch the full season premiere of Untold Stories of Hip Hop here. Cardi also details her experience as a stripper.