Cardi B is rocking some new body jewelry, and she invited her followers to watch the whole painful piercing process. Late Tuesday night (June 16th), Cardi shared some clips of herself getting pierced, and although she was eventually pretty happy with the results, it was definitely not smooth sailing the whole way through. In the first clip, the rapper can be seen getting what appears to be a dermal piercing just below her neck. Next she got some sternum piercings along her chest, followed by a labret below her lip. In all the videos, Cardi held onto Offset's hand with the tightest grip known to man throughout the whole ordeal as the piercer did his thing. Despite the at-times tough demeanor Cardi displays, she really had a hard time feeling comfortable and screamed in fear almost the whole time.

However, once it was all over and done with, she looked very pleased with the final product.

"The finale," she captioned the video of her showing off her new jewels. A close up shot of her chest piercings shows that she opted to get a dollar sign stud and a sun stud for the sternum.

What do you think of Cardi's new additions?