Cardi B's daughter seems more than ready to see the world for the first time. Cardi has shared a clip on Instagram which shows her unborn child kicking within her belly in a very visible way. It looks probably half as strange as it feels, and according to Cardi, the constant movement from her kid has taken a toll on her naps.

"Yo, this baby today is buggin'," she said. "This been going on for hours. I've been trying to take a nap and I can't. I don't know what's going on."

Of course, Cardi had some pretty hilarious commentary on what her daughter could be up to in the womb. "It's like she in the club or something in there," she said. "It's like she's mad at me or something... I know you wanna come out but goddamn don't do it to me like this."

Cardi has been her usual unfiltered self throughout the pregnancy, sharing thoughts about the experience on Twitter that are likely relatable to all the mothers out there, but might not be said as openly. In a recent tweet, she revealed that the baby is interrupting not only her naps but her sex life. "I wanna have sex but i loose my breath Soo fast," she said, revealing that while she's all for pregnant sex, the baby is simply too big at this point. However, she was receptive to a fan's suggestion of a breathing machine.

Last we heard, Cardi was due to give birth sometime this month. She and her husband, Offset, recently hosted a baby shower for the ages.