"Ric Flair Drip" is an instantly recognizable song. Even for baby Kulture, who isn't even a year old. Cardi B and Offset's baby girl is already in tune with her father's music it seems, getting excited when Bardi started playing his famous song during mommy & daughter time. The star lounged with her baby girl in her arms, taking a video of her making the cutest little noises when "Ric Flair Drip" started. Cardi also admitted how much she wants her daughter to say "mama." "I spend hours trying to make her say [it]," wrote the Bronx rapper. She would feel "betrayed" if Kulture said "dada" before uttering her name. 

For some reason, the video was deleted from Bardi's personal page. However, it was up long enough for fans to capture the footage, sharing it around social media as they do. Cardi's relationship with Offset has been confusing, to say the least. They reunited in Puerto Rico for a jetski ride after the Migos spitter rolled out an extravagant display of flowers during her Rolling Loud set. The two seemingly miss each other, but they have not spoken publicly about the nature of their relationship in weeks. From an outsider's perspective, it appears as though they're easing themselves into a "friends with benefits" type union but that's just the vibe they're giving off.

Will Kulture say "dada" or "mama" first? Even if she says "mama," it can still be interpreted as a Migos reference. Albeit, it would be a shoutout for Takeoff.