The cast of Hustlers has been pushing this movie hard. Whether Jennifer Lopez is revealing exclusive details about the upcoming flick or Lizzo is claiming she wanted to desperately try out a full-frontal nude scene, each star attached to the film is excited for it to finally come out. J-Lo has been training for months, making sure she's got the role nailed down and soon, we'll be able to head into the strip club with her, Constance Wu, Cardi B, and countless others. The film is set to release next month but one of the stars is so stoked for it to kick off that she's back to sharing intimate photos of herself from the shoot.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

We're no strangers to seeing Cardi B show off her body online. The world-renowned rapper knows her market and she utilizes her curvaceous figure to perfection, prompting millions of fans to drool over her on a daily basis. Today, she continued that campaign by sharing one steamy pic from Hustlers, covering up herself with diamonds cut to be placed on top of her nipples. Her bust hangs over her outfit as the star gets ready to perform on the pole. Of course, Cardi B knows how to be seductive -- she does have a past inside of the strip club, after all.

Who are you most excited to see strut their stuff in the upcoming film? Hustlers will be out on September 13.