The first time Cardi B shared photos of herself as a child, she was turned into one of the biggest memes of the summer. She decided to take that risk again just a few minutes ago when she posted a fresh photo of herself as a 7-year-old, reminding everybody of her glow-up over the last few years.

When you think of where Cardi B was a few years ago, she was just an exotic dancer with some janky teeth and a hilarious personality. Now, she's one of the biggest artists in the world, dropping off some of the most popular songs on the radio and on music platforms. Once she got a bag, Bardi fixed her teeth, beginning the evolution of her look as she debuted some super-straight pearly whites for the flashing lights. The superstar took some time today to go looking through her photo books, finding the perfect photo of her 7-year-old self to post on social media. She made sure to point out her mouth too.

"My mouth been the same since forever," wrote the recording artist. She then conveyed a message to her haters, of which there is a vast number, saying, "Stop the bullshit .Ya try and will do anything to put the YOUNG BULL down .It only fuel my fire to go harder." The post has since been deleted but a fan reposted it below.

Cardi B called out Nicki Minaj's fans yesterday after her new single was leaked, blaming them for spreading around the unofficial release. Instead of dropping "Money" tomorrow as she had planned, Cardi was forced to share it yesterday and you can listen to the new track here.