Cardi B took her performance at Tidal’s Made In America Festival to another level last night. In the middle of her hour-long set, the Bronx rapper took it upon herself to climb up the stage scaffolding to perform her new song, “Press.” The artist held herself up with one arm on the metal while using the other to hoist the mic her mouth rapping, “Bitches be pressed/They know how I'm coming, real bitch in the flesh/Who the fuck she gonna check?/She be talkin' that shit, talkin' out of her neck/Put blood on her dress/Bitches be mad when they see Cardi step in the spot/Said that you ’bout it, we know that you not/I'ma pull up." 

Cardi’s athletic move brought visible energy to the performance and is undoubtedly respectable even by her haters. Wearing a rainbow-colored jumpsuit, Cardi put on a memorable, electric performance.

While watching the video will leave you fearful of overwise, Cardi was able to finish the stunt safely and continue her performance. You’ll be able to catch Cardi B on the upcoming Netflix series, Rhythm + Flows, which just released it’s first trailer today, in October. You can also find more live coverage of the event on HotNewHipHop here.