Cardi B recently called out  TMZ for lying about her reunion with Offset and the idea of him vowing to not mess with any more groupies. "TMZ why ya be lyin?" Cardi tweeted at the publication. "I haven't even been in ATL since Christmas."

The "Money" rapper appeared in court today for the ongoing stripper brawl case and she filled some reporters in on her and Offset's current relationship standing. Cardi has maintained her privacy on the matter, leaving many people curious if she will forgive Offset and get back to a happy family. When reporters asked her what's going on with her husband, she responded: "We're working things out, baby."

"There’s a lot of things that I feel like I can’t do, (but) m****rf****r (Offset) is like, ‘You can do everything and anything’ all the time. I never had nobody push me like that," Cardi previously said of her husband. "It’s really good for me now to have somebody that just motivates me and lets me know every day like, ‘You can do anything, you just gotta set your mind (to it)."

She added: "Now I be more involved in my business. That’s something that I got taught with my partner, that’s why I really appreciate my baby father a lot. Even though we go through a lot of s**t, but (he’s) definitely made me a better person, a wiser person."