Cardi B went from being a stripper to an Instagram sensation to a full-blown rapper millionaire in what seems like the blink of an eye. We think it's safe to say the 25-year-old had no idea what she was in for, especially considering the amount of hate she's been receiving that's also spilled over to her family - trolls have no morals.

Cardi has since taken to Twitter and gone full vent mode in a series of tweets that have since been deleted. The one tweet she did keep, however, explains it all reading: "Is like Cardi B VS the World."

Thankfully, RapUp  grabbed her tweets before she took them off her feed and it seems as though Cardi will "soon talk about everything" in due tie. 

“Everybody got a story to say about me Cardi this Cardi That all of a sudden when a bitch good .Where was all this stories and bullshit at when i was on LHH or just IG famous making videos .Im telling ya when you up people try they best to put you down," she shared. “And i never have to play victim i alway been a Gangsta I’m just sick and tired of people saying some shit about me. Where was all these problems and all this bullshit at when cardi was doing mixtapes and couldn’t get on the radio ?where ?where? Now Cardi this Cardi That ?GTFO .”

She added: “Tired of being humble ,tired of being nice, Tired of keeping shit to myself,” she added. “Im soon going to talk about everything I’m so sick and tired of people shit and they bullshit.”

Her vent comes just a few days after her former manager sued her for $10 million and rapper Kash Doll said Cardi scrapped her from her debut album on the YG track, "She Bad."