Cardi B has clarified previous reports that she will have to share the entirety of her medical records with a judge amidst her ongoing lawsuit against YouTuber Tasha K for her “highly offensive” claim that Cardi had herpes and HPV. Cardi says Tasha's lawyers requested that she have to share the records, but a judge denied them. Her test results for herpes and HPV were shared with the judge months ago.

Cardi B, Lawsuit
Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

In response to the story being posted on The Neighborhood Talk, she wrote: "The test results been already turned in for 3 month’s already however her lawyers requested for all of my medical records which got denied by the judge ! Only herpes and hpv will be for the trial as judge requested!"

She added in another comment: "And for the people who lack comprehension reason why I sued in the first place is because I wanted to publicly proof that these deceases and claims this woman made about me are false and I’m willing to do anything and everything to prove it. THANKS"

The allegations from Tasha K involved claims that Cardi cheated on her husband, Offset.

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