There has been a heartbreaking amount of recent hangings in America, including those of Robert Fuller in Palmdale, Malcolm Harsch in Victorville, and, just yesterday, a teenage boy in Texas. Federal investigations have been opened up for several of the cases, including for Fuller and Harsch, but the other hangings are largely being written off as suicides.

Given the timing of these hangings, the public is calling for each case to be investigated as though it were a lynching murder. Racial tensions have been at a high and it can't be a coincidence that most of the hanging victims have been Black. 

Speaking about the isolated incidents, Cardi B urged people to not forget the names of the victims, noting these are very likely not cases of suicide in a new tweet.

"Who the fuck climbs a tree ,sit on a branch tie a rope and hang themselves?" asked the rap megastar on social media. "Like I’m trying to picture it in my head and i can’t see it .These hangings are not suicide it’s MURDER ....and the timing ?"

The "Bodak Yellow" artist is not the only person who has been having difficulty wrapping their head around the recent hangings. As there is seemingly a new case of this every day, something needs to be done to investigate the deaths of these poor men, women, boys, and girls dying like this.

David McNew/Getty Images