Cardi B is making sure that her sister, Hennessy Carolina, knows that she and her offspring will proudly represent for her any day. Kulture has always been one stylish baby, as Cardi and Offset often dress her up in some adorable, fashion-forward getup. Since June is Pride month, Cardi thought it would be special to have her daughter rock a rainbow dress as a way to represent the pride flag. She shared some shots of the adorable outfit—complete with white kicks, a gold chain and matching bracelets, a yellow bow, and a white fur coat that says "Bardi Gang"—on Instagram, writing, "when I see you I know I did something right for a blessing like you."

When someone pointed out on Twitter that Kulture was "giving the gays everything they want"—a famous quote from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills—in this outfit, Cardi responded saying that the 1-year-old was "reppin for her auntie" Hennessy, who is bisexual.

While the bisexual community does have their own pink, blue, and purple flag, the rainbow flag is thought to represent the whole LGBTQ+ community, so it still applies. Either way, baby Kulture looks adorable.