Rumors have been circulating online for months that Cardi B is pregnant with Offsets baby, but neither have confirmed the news. In fact, Cardi appears to be going to extreme lengths to cover up her pregnancy. After wearing a couple poofy dresses at the iHeart Radio Music Awards a couple weeks ago, the Bronx sensation was spotted walking the streets of NYC on Thursday and swarming her was non-other than her own team to make sure no one caught a glimpse at her baby bump.

Arriving at the London Hotel in NYC, Cardi wouldn't step out of her vehicle until she had all five staffers surrounding her. The team perfectly walked in unison like a military and never allowed cameras to take a look at her stomach. While her face was exposed, Cardi’s lower half was never spotted, and why else would she be doing all this if she wasn’t in fact pregnant? Hell, TMZ cameraman even asked her about when she was going to announce the pregnancy, but she just completed ignored him altogether.

Cardi is set to take the stage on SNL tomorrow night to perform her new album Invasion Of Privacy. She’ll also be performing at next weekend’s Coachella festival as well, where she will be almost 7 months pregnant for.

Check out the clip (below) and be sure to stream her newly-released album right here.