Whenever you see Cardi B has gone live on Instagram, it's usually worth it to tune in. Even if you're not the biggest fan of the global superstar, you're bound to get some inside information from her external monologue sessions. Cardi is one of the most unfiltered celebrities in the world. She's been coping with fame well but when it comes to getting something off her chest, she never holds back. Today, she felt a need to update her fans on her plans for the remainder of the year, teasing a new album, a tour, and even a baby.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Hopping on a live-stream, the rapper told her fans that she currently has two or three songs completed for her next album. She also spoke about her tour coming up, hinting at what could come afterwards. "My plan is to take a couple of months working on my album. And right after I finish my album, I'm going to rehearse for tour. I'm already working on a tour deal. Point is that everything is going good," she said. "After my tour, I want to have a kid. I wanna have another kid."

Her fans were excited about each announcement, going crazy in the scroll-through comments. Hopefully, we get some news about her album soon. After the success of Invasion of Privacy, Bardi's fans have been begging her to release more new music. It looks like it's finally on the way.