On October 27th, Migos delivered a new single, allegedly on Culture 2 (though we're not quite sure anymore) called "Motorsport." The track, while solid, seemed to be picking up where Culture left off, only with one notable difference. Offset's fiancee Cardi B had a guest verse, as did Nicki Minaj, which in and of itself was a massive talking point. Anybody who has been following Cardi and/or Nicki knows that many fans are all but praying for them to beef, and, for some reason, there seems to be a strange tension between the up-and-comer and the veteran. Even Joe Budden felt the need to weigh in with a few conspiracy theories of his own, which ultimately drew the ire of Minaj herself. Suffice it to say, with "Motorsport" came a wave of entertaining narratives.

Now, we'll be able to behold two of the loveliest ladies of hip-hop in all their glory, and perhaps shine a light on a potential dynamic between the two. Cardi B recently took to Twitter to reveal the release of the upcoming "Motorsport" video, telling her followers "Motorsport video comes out December 1st...I can’t wait to see it." She also threw in a couple of swoll-ass bicep emojis for emphasis. 

So there you have it. Come December, we'll have a brand new video from the Migos, Cardi, and Nicki Minaj. Knowing them, it's sure to be a lavish and ostentatious affair. But would we really want it any other way? Stay tuned for more news on Culture 2 (dropping in January 2018), Cardi B's upcoming single (early December), and Nicki's new album ("coming soon")